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Forever is a new London based production company set up by Sasha Nixon.


Abolish single use plastic hangers in fashion retail, replace with sustainable ones: sign the Petition! billions of hangers are used annually, the majority just used once & 85% end up in landfill, taking more than 1,000 years to degrade. This has to STOP
12 months ago
More good news! Thanks to @onepoint4 for the nomination for Server Room by…
12 months ago
Big up @ab_cd_cd for their Best International Pop Videoo nomination for their Sucker Punch video for @thisissigrid And congrats to our fantastic crew!…
12 months ago
Bunny Kinney featured in @shotscreative Shots today: "Nowness has been premiering the best in art, culture, beauty, travel and fashion since 2010. Tim Cumming chats to creative director Bunny Kinney about the platform's place in the digital revolution."…
1 year ago